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Floating Worlds - Cecelia Holland It has been two months since I first started the book, and three days since I finished it, and I am still trying to figure out what just happened. I can only tell you three things about this book...Floating Worlds has a very detailed and well thought out futuristic universe, complete with technology, political systems and alien races. Of course, being written in the mid-70s, it feels all a little dated - not just in terms of technology, but in socio-political terms as well. You get the impression that this vision is very clear in the mind of the writer though.You never know what the characters are thinking, feeling or planning. The author tells us what happens, but not why, what it means or how anyone feels about it. Perhaps this is because the author wrote historical novels, this being her only science-fiction novel. There are facts, just the facts and nothing but the facts. In a way, this almost works. It provides a blank canvas from which you can draw your own conclusions. The problem is that I doubt this was an intentional literary device. By the end of the book, I still didn't know why the main character embarked on this adventure to begin with. There is a lot of raw material for deep and thoughtful analysis about cross-cultural issues here. The central character is a female bi-racial human being amid a world of giant black-skinned, male-dominated, physically aggressive, fascist aliens. She gets pushed, punched, kicked, raped and called "the n word". A LOT. She also chooses to live this way, and due to the writing style, we will never know why she chose this life. It's an infuriating missed opportunity.Was it unique? Yes.Was it intriguing? Yes (but ultimately unresolved).Was it well written? No.Did it go anywhere? No.I'm just...... so confused.