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John Dies at the End  - David Wong **MILD SPOILERS IN THE FORM OF DIRECT QUOTES WHICH DON'T REALLY TELL YOU ANYTHING ABOUT THE STORY**5 REASONS THIS MAY BE THE BEST BOOK YOU'LL EVER READ#5. It's Literally Lough-Out-Loud FunnyI know it's not generally cool to slag off other people's book reviews. It's their subjective opinion, they're entitled, freedom of speech, blahdy blahdy blah. But the number of GR reviews for this book which contain the words "juvenile humour" and then proceed to dismiss the book's worth on that basis is just ridiculous. They're cock jokes. They're funny. And smart people ARE allowed to laugh at them. If you're stupid enough to believe in the idea that humour negates intelligence, you're too stupid to live, never mind cast aspersions on the intelligence of the author. Right. Now back to the juvenile humour...#4. RAW Would ApproveSurrealism, pop culture references, quantum mechanics, discordianism, conspiracy theories, irreverance and respect for a good old-fashioned pun... All the elements that made Robert Anton Wilson's work so brilliant, thought-provoking and genuinely entertaining are present in David Wong's book too.#3. The Dude Can WRITEA good writer identifies the inconsistencies in his story and goes back to correct them. Only a great writer would identify the inconsistencies, list them and cite them as evidence that he lies when he is nervous. Well, only a great writer who is also funny at any rate.#2. It Brings The LovecraftDavid Wong has earned the Lovecraft comparisons that are frequently found in his book reviews. He manages to do it, not through obvious references to sea monstery elder gods, but by doing what Lovecraft did best: Appealing to the reader's deepest, darkest imagination. He describes the horror the protagonist feels, then allows you to fill in the blanks with the things that scare you the most, and it works. This book is genuinely terrifying in parts. Best of all, he does it without Lovecraft's lengthy (sometimes overly lengthy) descriptive prose. Amazon's buyer recommendations for this book said it all - The more obvious bizarro-comedic-horror titles, a cracked.com book, Lovecraft plus a Pulitzer Prize winner. #1. Girls Fart In ThisIs there any better indicator of a book being grounded in reality than a female character softly farting? Seriously. I cannot remember ever reading that in a book before. There should be more of it.