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Pale Fire
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Fish Who Answer the Telephone and Other Bizarre Books

Fish Who Answer the Telephone and Other Bizarre Books - Russell Ash;Brian Lake This book catalogues the names of various books which, for whatever reason, are deemed to be bizarre. The chapters on double entendre book titles, and bizarre medical treatises were quite hilarious. A lot of the books in here however are simply listed, and it's not necessarily obvious as to why the authors thought them to be bizarre. A few had explanatory notes, but the majority did not. For example, the Travel section included, "Let's Go To Iraq". I'm not sure that's such a bizarre idea, and there was no information given other than the title, year, author and publisher. . There were some great little known books here from the 1800s which I'd love to get my hands on, but I really would have appreciated a less comprehensive list, and a small paragraph on each of the books that were included.