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The God of all Bastards

The God of all Bastards - Joel Cox This is such an unexpected gem! The concept of a man who makes his living writing suicide notes is fascinating in itself. I would have loved for this to have been a full-length novel and to have explored this angle further. I understand that this is the sixth part of a series, and had I been able to find these books, I would have devoured them. The Bastard was such a vivid character, and the story so neatly woven - it's almost a perfect short read. Even in such a short story, I found phrases and paragraphs that were so beautiful, I jotted them down to reflect on. There were a couple of jarring spelling mistakes, but I choose to believe these are only typos. I would happily read anything this author comes out with in the future, but what I really want is to read more about the main character - the suicide note writer. And isn't that the measure of a good book?