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Pale Fire
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SpecLit Masters 1: H.P. Lovecraft

SpecLit Masters 1: H.P. Lovecraft - Paul Anthony Jones,  William Vitka,  Nathan Yocum,  I.D. Martin,  Paul Jones,  H.P. Lovecraft,  Nathan Yocum,  I.D. Martin,  David Graham I've read Lovecraft's The Colour Out Of Space and loved it - See my review on Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales for the Lovecraft stories.The Torch Singer (Nathan Yocum): I'm not usually a fan of short stories. I tend to switch into hypercritical mode, concentrating more on sentence structure and grammar than I do when reading a novel. I found myself swept up with this story, however, and soon forgot about the fiddly bits, which is high praise from me indeed!As it happens, I really enjoyed this tale. There were some beautifully descriptive passages, particularly of the torch singer herself. I liked the way the story alternated between realities easily, maintaining the flow of the narrative. It also paid homage to Lovecraft respectfully, keeping to the same model, while cutting back on the descriptive passages. This moved the story along swiftly, which I appreciated. Even with the faster pace, the monsters and the madness could have easily been Lovecraft's. I'm working my way through the other stories..