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Pale Fire
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Wool (Wool, #1)

Wool - Hugh Howey This is a really wonderful short dystopian/PA story. In the past when I've read short stories that I've enjoyed, I've either found that they only give a snapshot of a story, or that they would have made a much better novel. This is an exception. It's a perfectly formed, complete story without any extraneous fluff. It's not too direct or simplistic though, hinting at things in a way that allows you to make clear inferences. The world is fully formed, right from the first page, and you know that the author has thought it through, down to the fine detail.I can't say much about the story itself without giving something away. And to do that would ruin the best part of Wool - You really don't know quite what's going to come next.I highly recommend Wool and would give it 4.5 stars if it were allowed.