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Rx - Episode 1: The Blackouts

Rx - Episode 1: The Blackouts - Robert Brockway UPDATED: Screw it. I'm upgrading this to 5 stars on the basis that I really did LOVE this story. But I still have rage. So much rage....-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would have given this a five star review if it had been a complete novel. I'm not a fan of serialised fiction - I would rather just pick a book up, immerse myself in it for a while and finish it. No pissing about trying to hunt down the next instalment and getting distracted by something shinier, then going back to the story having forgotten half of what happened previously. I just want to pick up a book and read it. To read a story as promising as this, only to have it randomly chopped off with no resolution sucks. To find out that the next instalment is not available sucks more. To find out that the author will be releasing the rest of the instalments ad hoc, starting in "Later this Spring" might be a deal breaker. If the author wants to sell his fiction internationally, he should probably be aware that seasons differ in different parts of the world for starters....Can you sense my bitterness?Believe it or not, I really loved this story. The writing was fantastic and the world building absolutely flawless. The prologue was so beautifully written, I was envisaging a huge tracking shot in a James Cameron movie. It was actually awe inspiring. I was invested in the characters (to the extent that I'd actually rather like to BE Zippy when I grow up) and I was intrigued as to where the plot was going. But that's the problem. I STILL don't know where it's going. Because the author seems to want to release this like a comic book!GOOD writer! BAD publisher! GOOD writer! BAD publisher! GOOD writer! BAD publisher!