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Dog Blood

Dog Blood - David Moody I love the premise of these books, and this was a good read, but I think "second in a trilogy" syndrome applies here. The couple of issues I had with the first book still exist, and my questions have yet to be resolved. Nevertheless, it's a good read and does introduce a couple of new elements to the mix. Like the first book, I felt that the first two thirds of this were a little slow, but once it picked up momentum it really packed a punch. David Moody really knows how to finish a book! I can't help thinking that the final instalment will make up for the relatively minor issues I had with the other books.I stand by my review of Hater though, I think this would have made a near-perfect single novel. By splitting it into three, padding it out, muddying and diluting the messages, it loses a little credibility for me. Moody has some seriously big and important ideas that are hinted at throughout these books, and I would have loved for him to sharpen and hone this element of the books a little. Much as I appreciate straightforward narrative prose, I think the writing felt a little bit too lean even for me. I would have loved a few poetic phrases here and there to create a stronger mood. Don't get me wrong, the violence and horror elements are fantastic, but I think that with a little more finesse, they could have had a lot more impact. That's not to say there aren't some truly horrific scenes though -If the last part of this book doesn't punch you in the guts, I'd be very surprised!I have a bunch of questions jotted down about the plot, but I'm going to hold onto them until I finish the third book. If I've learned anything by now it's to trust Moody to finish things up well! And if I haven't made it clear enough to everyone, I DO recommend reading this trilogy, and I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to the final instalment.....