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Brains: A Zombie Memoir - Robin  Becker You know that friend of yours who is undoubtedly intelligent and well-read, probably still a virgin, and definitely not as witty as he thinks he is? Well, meet your narrator for the next 182 pages. The book you are about to read is crammed full of pseudo-intellectual puns that were certainly funnier INside the author's head, as well as being jam-packed with every pop culture and literary reference that even vaguely relates to the topic at hand. I can understand how this happens to a first-time author - she wants to lay down every witty line she could imagine in the one work, because who knows whether there will be a second. But for god's sake, where was the editor? At one point, the author stopped even trying to weave the references into the prose and began to write sentences like, "Reference Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions." She gets away with this, to a certain extent, because the story is told from the perspective of an English professor, writing a treatise on the rights of zombies. But I suspect there is more than a little of the author in this character.What really irritates me, is the fact that this book has so much promise. There's a fresh take on the zombie genre, which has to be a good thing, some truly interesting and somewhat profound ideas as well as some fairly hilarious scenarios. This could have been a really good, if not great, novel. I don't want to discourage people from reading this, because it is definitely worth the time. And it does settle down somewhat after the first few chapters. Just be ready to try and tune out the unnecessary references, and mentally edit as you go. It is worth the trouble, but I'm glad this book is under 200 pages. With a more proactive editor, I would have been thrilled to rate this book 4 stars.