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Pale Fire
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Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion - Alan Goldsher Okay, I'll be honest. I didn't even get halfway through this. I actually started reading it to my cat when she was in hospital for a month, but I couldn't do the accents. From what I have read, I'll say that Beatles trivia geeks would probably really enjoy this book, and at the very least would understand a lot more of the references than I did. The whole zombie mechanics outlined in this book are just absurd and overly complicated, and really don't add to the story. For example, to turn a person into a zombie, there are several methodologies, depending on where you live, some of which involve complicated actions, such as sticking your tongue through the roof of the person's mouth, sucking on a small amount of grey matter, spitting it back in, putting some inside your own ear and standing on your head. Okay that's not exactly accurate, but it's also not far off. I think I'll just call it a night around page 50.