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Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) - Charlaine Harris This is complete and utter chick-lit. And I'm just about to order the second book. I feel so dirty...One thing that does bug me, more than the fact that this is chick-lit, is that the author tries to make out that Sookie is more intellectual than we think - having her read Time and listen to NPR. It doesn't come off as in any way credible, and I don't believe that the author really knows what she's talking about here either. At one point Sookie remarks that a lawyer seems surprised that she used the word "euphemism". I would have been too, particularly since the word she should have been using was "euphemistically". Charlaine Harris is good at what she does, and is no doubt trying to create a strong, intelligent female lead, which is laudable. Intelligence isn't the same as "education" though, and Harris should let it go at that, instead of pretending to be more educated than she, er Sookie, is.