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The Enemy - Charlie Higson All in all, a solid book. There's an obvious comparison to be made with Lord of the Flies, and in this case it's the children defending themselves against adults who have succumbed to a zombie-like virus. I'd love to think that kids are studying this one in schools. It's an entertaining read, with plenty of themes and metaphors to be found too, if you want to take the time. It's interesting that as far as the children are concerned, all the adults are either "mothers" or "fathers", and I wonder if that would really be the case these days. My only complaint is that the final chapter is really pointless. We spend the entire book hearing the story from the perspectives of various children, and at the very end, we get a taste of the adult perspective. Higson may have saved time by saying, "Please read the next book in this series"! As it turns out, the next book is a prequel, so I'll be interested to see if the next book focusses more on the adults' experience.