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Deadline - Mira Grant AARRGGHH!!!!!! I can't STAND it when writers end the second book of a trilogy like that! An unexplained twist on the very last page, while the plot that took up the entire book is left completely unresolved. The author knows they've been signed for a third book & wants to be completely sure you'll buy it. It's just cynical and disrespectful to the reader. What really makes me angry is that right up until the very last page, this was a really great book. I was thoroughly impressed with both the story and the quality of the writing. I *might* read the next book, but I've got no respect for the author after one of these stunts. I won't be getting sucked into any future Mira Grant trilogies after this one. I'm really struggling with a rating for this book. I was planning on rating it at 5 stars, providing the ending was decent. So how do you rate a 5 star book with a 1 star ending? Guess I'll split the difference.