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Pale Fire
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The Complete Poems - Maxine Kumin, Anne Sexton I came into Sexton's poetry expecting darkness, emotion and a good dose of crazy. While I was not disappointed, I also found whimsy and a keen observational eye. Sexton noticed the little details of mundane life, and wrote about these with a child-like appreciation. I have only begun to browse this collection, picking it up at odd moments during the night, but I already love it.One of my favourite examples of Sexton's whimsy is this verse from Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing Long Island Sound (in All My Pretty Ones)Oh God,although I am very sad,could you pleaselet these four nunsloosen from their leather bootsand their wooden chairsto rise outover this greasy deck, out over this iron rail,nodding their pink heads to one side, flying four abreastin the old-fashioned side stroke;each mouth open and round,breathing together as fish do,singing without sound.I can't wait to read Diane Wood Middlebrook's Anne Sexton: A Biography and find out more about the woman.