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Hater  - David Moody Wow. This was an unexpected turn of events! I spent the first two thirds of this book in admiration of the way Moody portrays an average working class guy, with all the pressures of daily working and family life, but still a little irritated with the character himself. While it is a novel experience to see an apocalyptic event through the eyes of an average person, who hasn't put all the pieces together, (he barely gets time to watch the news), and with no fortuitous circumstances that put him at the centre of the action..... it can also be a little frustrating. Particularly when that character carries with them a certain level of ignorance and prejudice. Then it dawned on me - Perhaps there is a reason for all of this, and now that I think of it, there is a way in which this could be turned into something really important and meaningful..... That's exactly what Moody did of course, and with a great sense of style, intelligence and symmetry too. It's a beautifully written book from start to finish. There were certain scenes that really gave me the feeling of being there, and a sense of shared anxiety with the central character. By the end of the book, I was stumbling over myself to read ahead and find out what happens next.I did really struggle to give this one a rating, only because it came so close to being a perfect book in my eyes. I felt that Moody could very easily have wrapped it up into a very neat and well balanced self-contained story, but right at the end it veered off into trilogy territory. In my view, the story would have been absolutely perfect if it had been rounded off and left with a clear message. That said, I really need to know..... what happens next?