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Idaho Winter - Tony Burgess I cannot even BEGIN to describe this book.... but I'll try. Ever wondered what would happen if Lemony Snickett met Clive Barker and they took acid together inside Salvador Dali's brain? Me either, but I suspect the result would be something similar to this short novel. It's dark, surreal and humorous, and the sudden bizarre twists are guaranteed to take you by surprise, no matter how well prepared you think you are. My only criticisms of this books would be that it gets slightly too self conscious for me in parts, and that I would have enjoyed a slightly higher proportion of the wonderful lyrical style of prose that Tony Burgess does so well, and in which the book begins. These really are minor criticisms though, and completely a matter of personal taste. Saying anything more about this book is bound to give something way, completely mystify people or both, so I'll leave it at this: READ. THIS. BOOK. And while you're at it, read everything by Tony Burgess.