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Moxyland - Lauren Beukes Before I had even finished Moxyland I was trawling GoodReads for more of the same, which should give you some indication of how thoroughly I enjoyed it. Beukes has seamlessly meshed current technology, pop culture and existing societal issues, set it in a future dystopian South Africa and arrived at genuinely entertaining and thoroughly believable read. I found myself Googling elements of the story all the way through to see which were based in reality, and was equally impressed and horrified to find that pretty much ALL of them were. My one (minor) complaint would be that there was a somewhat unexplained development at the end of the book, which suggested a likely sequel although there hasn't been one to date. I don't mind drawing my own conclusions, though. All things considered, this is a fantastic novel and a rare cyberpunk find. It's not overwhelming with it's jargon or technical descriptions, it's realistic and grounded in current events and pop culture, yet it doesn't try too hard to be cool. If there's a sequel coming, count me in!