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Makers - Cory Doctorow This is a book people will either love or be "meh" about. The best I can do for a review is tell people what to expect. So if you're okay with the following, then the book may be for you..The book has a non-traditional story arc. The narrative doesn't go where you think it's going to go at any point in time, and resists attempts to categorise it. Some people may feel it that it meanders, or that it doesn't have a point. I am okay with this.All of the characters are flawed. There is not a single wholly perfect character in it, and even the "evil" characters are rarely pure evil. In a lot of cases, the characters act unpredictably, make mistakes and experience moral ambiguity. I am okay with this too. The book has as many big, brilliant, magical and inspiring ideas (about everything from technology to commerce to social systems) as it does pages. But all of these ideas have upsides and downsides, and the downsides are described in as vivid detail as anything else. There is no single idea that is held aloft as a shining panacea to society's ills. I am okay with this also.Doctorow is not a devoted author of literary fiction. While he writes clearly and concisely, there are little things scattered along the way that let you know that writing fiction is not his primary occupation. For example, you don't always know who is speaking, or who is in the room. And there are very few phrases I would be putting on a needlework tapestry to lovingly remember. There are no chapters and the underlying structure is vague. The timeframes are also vague, and somewhat unlikely. I am less okay with this, but I'll deal.Now that our dead cats are on the table, I'll get to the scoring. Since the rating system is based on enjoyment of the book, I have to give it 5 stars. I ploughed through this book at a rate of knots. I'm going from Makers straight to another Doctorow book. I'm even reading BoingBoing more. Boogie-Woogie Elmo will always have a place in my consciousness. The ideas in this book are inspirational to such a degree, it's hard to imagine that they wouldn't have a permanent effect on my own thinking. Can you really ask anything more of a book?