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Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire I may not be the world's most enthusiastic urban fantasy reader, but hey - this book's got celtic mythology, herbalism, witchcraft and horror PLUS it's written by the author of the Newsflesh books. On paper, I should LOVE this freakin' book. Right? *sigh*I couldn't tell you what it was that didn't work for me, beyond the small things - the slightly dodgy Celtic pronunciation guide, occasional inconsistencies with the mythology, minor missing details which rendered certain paragraphs meaningless, just an overall lack of the super-sharp writing that I was expecting based on Feed....... possibly a combination of several of these small things. For most of the book, I really wasn't all that engaged.And then the last fify pages happened. At that point, I really started to get into it. Perhaps it was the introduction of the Luidaeg character that started to tie the mythology to the story more tightly, but at that point I realised I had every intention of continuing with the series. I get the distinct sense that this series takes a little bit of time to percolate, that now the bulk of the exposition is out of the way, McGuire's writing tightens up and the mythology starts to meld seamlessly with the narrative. I hope I'm not disappointed..