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Countdown - Mira Grant My rating is not so much "What I thought of the audiobook" as "What I would have thought of the paperback". This was my first audiobook experience, and I just don't understand how anyone can get the same depth of understanding from an audiobook that you can with a hardcopy. Sadly, the Newsflesh novellas don't seem to be available outside of the US in anything other than audio. Grrrr. But I digress..All the really juicy parts of the backstory to Feed are expanded on here: the evolution of the virus, Shaun & George's parents and their bitterness and how The Rising changed the face of journalism along with the entire world. All of these were alluded to throughout the Newsflesh series, and for me they represent the best parts of Mira Grant's writing: Detailed, credible and interesting backstories behind the world-building. The writing is sharp and direct, as always, and there are moments or real poignancy throughout. I suppose there could have been slightly more witty banter, but otherwise I really can't fault this. If you enjoyed the Newsflesh series, you'll no doubt be wanting to read this novella regardless of anything I say anyway!Now if someone would just send me a hardcopy, I would be really, really happy.....