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Pale Fire
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50 Ways the World Is Going to End: The Biggest Threats to the Planet - Alok Jha I purchased this book, because I thought it might make a good reference book for the Apocalypse Whenever group discussions. While it contains some interesting stats, I found the selection of disaster scenarios to be.... odd. Included is "It was all just a dream" and this reality doesn't actually exist anyway. Not included is an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) strike. Included is "Death Of The Bees". You get my point.There are some interesting scenarios that I haven't come across before, such as "Strangelets". It's a complex quantum physics theory which you'll have to Google yourself, because I'm not even going to attempt to explain it. But it's nice to see some variety.While interesting in parts, it's not a very readable book on the whole. It jumps about a bit, and misses the point a bit. Information that most readers would be looking for just isn't there. Scenarios that many people will be familiar with, and interested in just aren't there. Survivalists will also be disappointed, as it doesn't really include any practical information either. It's all very theoretical.And again - no EMP scenario? Seriously? Meh. There are better apocalyptic books around.