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Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present - Cory Doctorow Overclocked, so far, is like most of Doctorow's work: some good ideas, some patchy writing and a lot of boyish enthusiasm. The first story (Printcrime) was a miss for me - overly simplistic and soapboxy. The second story (When Sysadmins Ruled The Earth) Is better, but meanders quite a bit, and reads like an inside joke much of the time. The first story was about a dozen pages long, the second is over 170 pages. I just wish he'd fall into some kind of consistency as a writer, and work on some of the more technical skills, like structure.The lack of any sense of cultural relativity in Doctorow's work is starting to annoy me, particularly given his strident views on "open culture". I get the sense that he's not aware of his audience, that he is writing under the assumption that anyone reading will have the same cultural, social and geographical background as himself. In Sysadmins, there are references to San Francisco, and techie in-jokes that nobody outside these spheres could possibly decipher.Anyway - I'll reserve my rating until the end of the book...