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Battle Royale - Koushun Takami, Yuji Oniki SEE BELOW FOR STUDENT LIST WITH MEMORY JOGGERS This is a really fun read, and has a lot more depth than the film did. I'm not sure they really covered the issue of why the game was happening in enough depth for my liking, but the characters were varied and interesting, and the story itself was thrilling. It's a shame the translation wasn't better, as the prose was really clunky. I know it's difficult to translate Asian youth culture dialogue into English, but even still there were a lot of errors, repeated phrases and such which spoiled the flow. If you've ever read a Murakami novel in English, you'll know that it is possible to translate Japanese literature into English whilst keeping the Japanese sensibility intact. I'd have loved to see this translated well. One difficulty for the non-Japanese reader is trying to cope with 42 Japanese names, some of which sound very similar. I ended up taking notes against the student list in the front of the book and referring to them throughout. It was really handy to remember who was who. I've added these below for the benefit of others, with NO SPOILERS:Males:1. Yoshio Akamatsu - The fattest, clumsiest boy2. Keita Ijima - Innocent, trusting, not very brave3. Tatsumichi Oki - The hatchet boy4. Toshinori Oda - The vain little prince5. Shogo Kawada - Tough guy loner6. Kazuo Kiriyama - Head of the bad boy's gang7. Yoshitoki Kuninobu - A good guy, Shuya's best friend8. Yoji Kuramoto - Had an affair with one of the bad girls, Yoshimi9. Hiroshi Kuronaga - One of Kazuo's gang10. Ryuhei Sasagawa - One of Kazuo's gang11. Hiroki Sugimura - Good guy with a tracking device12. Yutaka Seto - The class clown, Shinji's best friend13. Yuichiro Takiguchi - The Otaku boy14. Sho Tsukioka - The gay boy with a quiff15. Shuya Nanahara - A nice guy, Yoshitoki's best friend16. Kazushi Niida - A real dick, with no respect for girls17. Mitsuru Numai - One of Kazuo's gang18. Tadakatsu Hatagami - Justifiably cautious19. Shinji Mimura - Smart guy, computer hacker20. Kyoichi Motobuchi - This class rep has a pistol21. Kazuhiko Yamamoto - One half of the class coupleFemales:1. Mizuho Inada - A friend of Kaori's, and a little bit loopy2. Yukie Utsumi - The female class rep - One of the "Good Girl 6"3. Megumi Uto - Frightened and desperate to trust someone4. Sakura Ogawa - One half of the class couple5. Izumi Kanai - She headed towards the southern reef at the start6. Yukiko Kitano - Best Friends Forever7. Yumiko Kusaka - Best Friends Forever8. Kayoko Kotohiki - The mystery girl who practices tea ceremony9. Yuko Sakaki - Abused as a child - One of the "Good Girl 6"10. Hirono Shimizu - One of the bad girls, involved in a shoot-out11. Mitsuko Souma - Queen of the bad girls, the Fallen Angel12. Haruka Tanizawa - Athletic volleyballer - One of the "Good Girl 6"13. Takako Chigusa - The posh tottie, lots of jewellery14. Mayumi Tendo - Braided hair, left the school just before Shuya15. Noriko Nakagawa - Went off with Shuya16. Yuka Nakagawa - Cheerful, chubby & tanned - One of the "Good Girl 6"17. Satomi Noda - The model student with glasses- One of the "Good Girl 6"18. Fumiyo Fujiyoshi - She whispered in class19. Chisato Matsui - Petite feminine volleyballer - One of the "Good Girl 6"20. Kaori Minami - Pop idol fanatic21. Yoshimi Yahagi - A bad girl who had an affair with Yoji