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Blood Zero Sky - J. Gabriel Gates This was disappointing. There were some elements to the book that could have made for a fantastic YA dystopian story:- A world where multinational corporations have ousted governments and every person has a company-controlled computer interface surgically implanted- An enigmatic gay female lead, daughter of the most powerful man in the world, - Robotic birds of death!Sadly, these plot elements were wasted. The dystopian storyline was spoiled by the simplistic and patronising tone. The gender and sexuality issues were trivialised and unrealistic, ("Oh he's so handsome. If only I wasn't so very gay....") Worst of all, I think the ego of the writer far exceeded the quality of the writing. This was confirmed for me in the epilogue, which consists almost solely of the writer's hyperbolic praise of their own insightfulness.It's actually mildly entertaining (and I did stick with it to the end - well, until the epilogue), as long as you don't think about what a wasted opportunity it is.ARC provided free by NetGalley