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Ass Goblins of Auschwitz - Cameron Pierce I really wanted this to be awesome. I'm a big fan of weird. I'm a big fan of gross. I'm also a big fan of writing, and that's where the book lost me. I don't mind being made sick to my stomach, and if a book can make me actually clench my sphincter, so much the better, but I CANNOT abide poor writing. It's not even really terrible grammar or spelling, just the odd continuity error and sentences that, when you think about it, don't actually have any meaning. For example: "Today seems worse, probably because nobody's condition ever improves in Auschwitz." If every day is the same, then how is TODAY any worse?I can stand the assembly line of sex dolls made from dismembered babies. I can even stand the children being force fed dinner by a toad that sticks its tongue up their ass, pulling out an internal organ for their meal. But the pointless drivelly sentences... Argh. Oh, and it also didn't make any actual sense. Whatevs.It did make me feel a little ill though, so for that I'll give it an extra star.