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Eastern Standard Tribe - Cory Doctorow This is another great read, but I've found that Doctorow's first two books (This and [b:Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom|29587|Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom|Cory Doctorow|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1316635583s/29587.jpg|1413]) are a bit different to his later novels. They're both set further into the future, and while the concepts are interesting, it's all a bit more vague as to how the technology that supports them would actually function. This is to be expected when it comes to speculative fiction I suppose, but I much prefer the detail of the later books. I found the first couple of sections of this book frustrating, in that I couldn't figure out exactly what he was trying to signify through the use of time zones, latitudes and acronyms. I spent an inordinate amount of time online trying to figure out what this phrase was getting at, for example:"I've spent most of my life in GMT-9 and at various latitudes of Zulu, which means that my poor pineal gland has all but forgotten how to do its job without that I drown it in melatonin precursors and treat it to multi-hour nine-kilolumen sessions in the glare of my travel lantern."I never did find an explanation online, particularly for "latitudes of Zulu", but eventually I figured out he meant, "in Canada."It is still an excellent and entertaining read - I would just suggest that anyone new to Doctorow should probably start with something like "[b:For The Win|7241373|For The Win|Cory Doctorow|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1317793244s/7241373.jpg|7359191]".