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Pale Fire
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The Crimson Labyrinth - Yusuke Kishi, Camellia Nieh, Masami Isetani Where do I even start with this? Wait. I know. Let's start with: THINGS I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME BEFORE I PICKED THIS BOOK UP*It is a Young Adult book. And by that, I mean it reads as if it was written by a ten year old boy.*It is set in Australia, and contains huge swathes of "facts" about Australia, presented in encyclopaedia form, many of which are incorrect.*It is culturally offensive to the Indigenous people of Australia, and not always by accident. At one point the book references the "Black Boy" tree, points out that this is culturally offensive and that the modern name is "Grass Plant", and then proceeds to call it a "Black Boy" tree for the rest of the book. It also constantly uses the term "aborigine/s" as a noun (lower case too), instead of an adjective - the equivalent of saying "blacks", with an inflection of the n-word when used in an Australian context.*The translation is terrible. But then so is the original from what I can see.*It contains the stupidest protagonist I have ever encountered. I don't believe this is intentional.I gave up halfway through (which I VERY rarely do). I tried to stick with it, I really did. I wanted to see what happened, when the game actually started. It still hadn't started by the mid-way point. And I love Battle Royale, and Running Man. But I was just getting so angry. Seriously - my right eye has a tic now....