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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Subtle and richly textured? No. Rich in subtext and metaphor? No. None of that. Enjoyable and thoroughly engrossing 80s geekfest? Yes. Yes. YES.The plot centres around something that I myself have always dreamed of, (well always since 1990 anyway) - a way to relive the 80s and force everyone around me to do the same. Cline's character, Halliday, (gazillionaire inventor of the virtual reality internet OASIS) dies, leaving his entire fortune to whoever can find his hidden online easter egg. The only way to find the prize is to become as 80s-obsessed as Halliday himself was. Cue a million pop culture references that won't be picked up by anyone who wasn't there at the time. The End. For some of us who were there, it's impossible not to respond to the heady rush of pop culture references and 80s trivia you thought you alone still remembered. By "you" of course, I mean "me".I do wish that there was more subtlety to the approach. I wish the villains weren't cookie cutter nameless black-uniformed henchmen, the parents hideous and/or absent, the teen romance so innocent and predictable. I can see Cline is referencing a million 80s teen movies in doing it this way, but I think he could have referenced those movies without actually going down that path. The book could have withstood that. Still, this is a good fun read and the references to Matt Frewer and Square Pegs made me very, very happy.*************************************************Please to enjoy this mix tape designed to enhance your reading pleasure, and give a more Australian/European flavour:Ready Player One Spotify Extension Playlist - The Ruby Gate