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Pale Fire
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The Alienist - Machado de Assis In the time it takes you to read a full-length review of this novella, you could have already read a substantial enough chunk of it to see for yourself how great it is. I don't want to be responsible for you losing valuable machado-reading time, so I'll just say this:- It's beautifully written, nicely paced with a wry sense of wit. It didn't contain anything that made me clutch my chest in shock and my brain didn't light up with a thousand new ideas, but it is a very well crafted light farce all the same.- It's a satirical take on the mental health industry and poses the question, "Who decides who is sane and who is not?" which is guaranteed to be fertile ground.- It's a very stylish edition (part of Melville House's "Art of the Novella" series) and contains a code which allows you to access a huge amount of additional content electronically, which I am still happily rummaging through.-It contains little gems like this, "He possessed wisdom, patience, tolerance, truthfulness, loyalty and moral fortitude: all the qualities that go to make an utter madman."Do you really need to hear more? Go read it.