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Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo - Ntozake Shange I picked this book up as part of a Treasure Hunt challenge, to fit the category of "Titles containing any shade of purple". This is exactly what I was hoping to get from the challenge - the discovery of a great book that I otherwise would never have chosen for myself.SC&I tells the story of three African-American sisters from the deep South, with the legacy of slavery still very much present in everything that surrounds them. Set in the 60s-80s, the story follows each sister as they grow from girls to women, their doting (if pragmatic) mother the glue that binds them. Ugh. See THIS is why I would never have picked the book up.I'll try again. SC&I is beautifully, whimsically written, containing snippets of recipes, song lyrics and spells. The book follows three highly spiritual and spirited African-American sisters, as they grow from girls to women, finding their sexuality and their place in the world post-slavery.... Blurgh. I think that might actually be worse.Whichever way I try to describe this book, it sounds hopelessly cheesy, hopelessly middle-aged-womany. But it isn't. Or it is, but that's okay. It's so easy to fall under this book's spell.Tell you what - why don't you just read it? It's very short, very easy reading. It's light, despite the subject matter - oppression, institutional racism, cultural re-awakening.... sigh. Just read it. You'll like it.