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Disturbed Graves: Tales of Terror and the Undead - D. Allen Crowley I'm not ready to rate this just yet, as I've only read one story. I will say at this stage, I'm not super enthusiastic about reading another one. I'll try a couple more before reviewing this in fairness though.TRAPPED: I spent the first half of this story trying to figure out what was going on physically: was his friend standing or lying, is the tunnel grate one way, why can't he swing the panel.... etc. This detracted from the story. The main character delivering cheesy one liners to himself was quite off-putting and amateurish also. There was a spark of a good idea there- perhaps if it had been a little longer, with the second half expanded upon (I can't say much without spoilers) it would have had more impact. I'd give it 2 stars, but at the bottom end of the 2 star spectrum.