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Realms Unreel

Realms Unreel - Audrey Auden Let's get something straight: This is a low 3 star rating from me. It's a pleasant enough waiting room e-book, but "mostly harmless" is about the best thing I can say.There's nothing offensive or crazy making about it, but that's part of the problem. The author seems to have taken a half-decent story and tailored it for a YA audience by thoroughly purging it of anything than might have potentially evoked any kind of parental outrage...... leaving nothing to prompt even the mildest emotional response. Most conspicuously absent was the element of surprise. Nothing happened in the last 90% of the book that wasn't pretty well flagged in the first 10%. The protagonist was apparently the only one who didn't know any of this for 90% of the book.I came across a lot of reviews praising the "unique concept" behind this novel. Again, let me be absolutely clear - this is not new territory. It's near future sci-fi plus the concept of reincarnation, which has surely been done before. Neither set of concepts was explored with any kind of depth, nothing was raised to be thought-provoking. The author mentions Anonymous, which is such a rich subject, ripe with moral and ethical debate..... and then walks quietly away, whistling. I enjoy near-future sci-fi, particularly exploring the potential applications of current technology. This is what kept me reading. Just.