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Pale Fire
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clownfucker - Snedwick P. Philebius If you're going to go with a clown-based-introductory-statistical-analysis-meets-vague-american-conspiracy-theory-porn-parody (yes THAT old chestnut), you could do worse than this book. Clownfucker has the distinction of being the first porn novella I have read with both footnotes and a classroom study guide, something that I hope will be picked up by other writers in genre. When there are some.This book also provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Getting my very first iPhone FaceTime request.....from 50 of my closest friends at an interstate wedding party.... only to have to decline on the basis that "I am currently in my pyjamas reading clown porn".There was something vaguely unsettling about the circus owner character, Karen, too. Sexy, but vaguely unsettling.At the very least, the book gives a whole new meaning to my shelf: "can't-sleep-clown-will-eat-me". And that has to be a good thing.