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Pale Fire
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The Erotic Potential of My Wife
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Sh*t My Dad Says

Sh*t My Dad Says - Justin Halpern I wanted this to be funnier.I used to follow the @Sh*tMyDadSays Twitter account and more often than not the tweets made me laugh out loud. It really is, however, a matter of context. On Twitter, there is no context. The tweets show up randomly in your stream, amid tweets about important social issues and highly inappropriate lolcats, and you're taken by surprise. Apparently, that's what made it funny.The book places the tweets in a context, serving as a character study of Halpern's Dad. While he comes across as a warm, loving and genuinely amusing man, at the end of the day he is just some dude's Dad. I don't really feel I needed to know that much about him to laugh at his one-liners. For me, it just diluted the funny. Save yourself $5 and read the tweets for free.