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Fixture - Tom Lichtenberg,  Benhamish Allen I've found it. The holy grail of GoodReads. A tiny undiscovered, self-published gem of a story. They exist! They really exist!I don't often enjoy short stories, and the ones I do I would almost always prefer to see as novels. This is a rare exception. This is how you write a short story. It has obviously been crafted to be be a short story rather than being an "extract-from-an-unfinished-novel-or-some-random-writing-masquerading-as-short-story".This is the story of Darian Fark, an enigmatic artist of single-minded determination and genius, who has dedicated his entire being to the production of his masterwork, known as "The Fixture". The government of the day in a somewhat dystopian future, has engineered a renaissance to distract the public from an imminent economic collapse and decides to commission Darian to create a public sculpture. What nobody expects is that Darian's sculpture will grow to engulf their town. What really endears this story to me is difficult to pinpoint. I think it's something in the gently comical character of the narrator - a future architectural historian/mythologist determined to maintain an academic distance and tell only the parts of the story that the evidence supports, but who clearly worships the idea of Darian Fark and The Fixture. Having just finished Slaughterhouse-Five, the straightforward, almost naive, writing style seems quite similar in tone to Vonnegut's. The descriptions of the fantastically surreal elements of the sculpture itself are really wonderful too, and that's what will stick in my mind.This is a subtle story in its own way, and it obviously won't appeal to everyone. It doesn't have a clear message or purpose, but there are enough subtle points made throughout to be satisfying. There wasn't a lot of emotional content to the story and I found myself wavering between a 4 or 5 star rating, eventually settling on 4 for this fact alone. I'm very happy to have stumbled across this.