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Pale Fire
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Felicia: Political Memoirs

Felicia: Political Memoirs - Don Dunstan I have yet to read this cover to cover, but this book contains the infamous doomsday incident story, which is enough to earn it five stars in my opinion!For the uninitiated: In 1976, a "clairvoyant" prophesied that there was to be an earthquake which would cause a tidal wave to engulf the city of Adelaide on 19 January. He claimed it was God's punishment for Adelaide becoming a 'sin city'. Hysteria hit as a result and some even sold their houses and moved away. On the morning of the 19th, then South Australian Premier Don Dunstan (openly gay, often seen in tight lilac shorts, and supposedly the bringer of "sin") went down to the shore at Glenelg. He was followed by thousands of people, many armed with goggles and flippers (!), and he set out to prove that there was nothing to the prediction. The tidal wave never came, the great charismatic man pointed to the nearest ripple, commenting that it was indeed a small tsunami.One of the many reasons people worship the memory of Don Dunstan.