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Pale Fire
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Geriatric Rebels (Books We Love Mature Romance)

Geriatric Rebels (Books We Love Mature Romance) - Roseanne Dowell I read somewhere that the author wrote this as part of a writing class. While I'm glad she's taking classes, I'm not sure it's fair to practise on the unsuspecting public like this. I'll try to give you a sense of the book:The writing was bad. Elsa said, "Dagnammit. The writing is bad", and took a swing at Mike. Mike got the feeling Elsa thought the writing was bad. He giggled and hid a whoopee cushion on her seat."I'm a Geriatric Rebel!" Mike whooped. Elsa said, "I'm not bad for my age. You look like a fool", and fell down. Because she's old. Mike thought that Elsa wasn't bad for her age. Then he threw a tray of food at somebody for no reason at all. That'll teach 'em to treat old people like children.Elsa curled up with a good book. Mike decided not to disturb her. Worse thing having your concentration broken while you're reading.That last "sentence" was actually in the book.