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The Day of the Triffids

The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham When you think of Day of the Triffids, where does your mind go to? Big scary plant creatures, right? Right? Wrong. Turns out there are green comets, a blindness epidemic, post-apocalyptic world rebuilding, a plague.... and some big scary plant creatures. All my early memories of this book were wrong. The triffids are actually a relatively minor plot point.So, false expectations aside, this is really an early '50s PA novel which examines how social mores would have to change in order to adapt to a global disaster. Wyndham shows us a number of small groups of people, and their miniature new societies, exposing and challenging their assumptions about which of society's rules are the important ones to survival. Well, he tries. I actually thought that the groups of survivors weren't as disparate in their assumptions as the writer seemed to think. I also felt that Wyndham struggled to delineate the concepts of "sex" or "partnering" and "marriage" - his characters often confusing those concepts and using them interchangeably, despite their supposed beliefs about breeding up the population.Perhaps if I hadn't read so many PA novels in the last couple of years, I might have found this to be a fresher perspective, but as it was I didn't come across anything startling or any unexplored ethical territory. It was an entertaining enough read, and a quick one at that, but at the end of the day what would really have made this a more enjoyable book for me would have been...... MORE BLOODY TRIFFIDS!