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Pale Fire
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Willow Tests Well

Willow Tests Well - Nick Mamatas What if sociopaths ran the world? Now here's the scary bit: What if they are already running the world? Mamatas introduces us to Willow, groomed for high-functioning sociopathy on behalf of the US government. Everything that happens to Willow is designed to trigger, encourage and refine her murderous tendencies, while maintaining her low profile. There are no consequences to killing, there are only incentives, like an Ivy League scholarship and her own (if slum-like) apartment paid for by the state. Sure, she might have to endure a few horrors such as the brutal slaying of her family, but what's that to a sociopath? And the pay off is this: She gets to do the "big picture stuff" for the US feds. She gets to dream up the ways in which evil can be done to benefit the country.This story really makes you wonder where the US, and other world governments draw the line. How far do we think they would go to socially engineer the world order that suits them best? How far would they interfere with the course of one life, if they're prepared to interfere with the lives of billions?Absolutely chilling.