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Pale Fire
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Porn & Revolution in the Peaceable Kingdom - Micaela Morrissette This story makes me so very happy. I love stories that offer up a fresh perspective on the world, a glimpse of the world through someone else's eyes. You don't normally envision slime-molds as having eyes, but apparently evolution takes care of that in the far-distant future. In fact, evolution changes a great many things, including the position of humans in the food chain. Oh, and also the abolition of said food chain. The animals, and other biological entities, have taken over the planet and are ruling with great wisdom and benevolence. They've removed sex from the equation of life in favour of a universal cloning program. Humans are kept as pets, their sexual instincts intact. You know how embarrassing it can be when your pet starts humping the neighbour's leg, or their favourite toy, or pretty much anything? We don't like to see our pets as sexual creatures, by and large. Well, I don't, but apparently some people invent sex toys for them..Yeah..... so there's that. But there's also more than that. Morrissette's story has great heart and humour in addition to being seriously thought-provoking. The best part for me is that there are unique perspectives to be found in every paragraph, almost every sentence. I love it. The story is here on Tor.com: Porn & Revolution in the Peaceable Kingdom