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Pale Fire: A Poem in Four Cantos by John Shade
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Pale Fire
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Michael Moynihan, Didrik Søderlind
Under Stones
Bob Franklin
The Erotic Potential of My Wife
David Foenkinos, Yasmine Gaspard
A Corner of White
Jaclyn Moriarty
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Albert of Adelaide: A Novel

Albert of Adelaide: A Novel - Howard L. Anderson On the one hand I'd be really curious to read this, being from Adelaide and having spent many a pleasant day out at the Adelaide Zoo. A good friend of mine even got married in the butterfly garden there.Then I realised the author wasn't an Australian. Then I saw that the giveaway was only open to Americans. Then I got to thinking about how misappropriating & profiting from someone else's culture really is a bit of a dick move..I dunno whether to add this to my tbr or my will-never-read shelf. Maybe I should just stop thinking.